Community views in Sunshine Coast

The Community Views team surveyed 1531 of your residents across Sunshine Coast in April 2022.

Your residents participated in Living in Place – an independent, robust and repeatable survey that aims to understand and advance the liveability of Australians’ local areas. We also sought the community's views regarding their health and wellbeing, financial circumstances and local area concerns.

Living in Place

The Sunshine Coast Overall Liveability Index was 61.6/100, lower than the Australian average (65.2).

Health & Wellbeing

The Sunshine Coast Health and Wellbeing Index was 7.4/10, higher than the Australian average (6.6).

Financial Circumstances

Sunshine Coast residents rated their current personal financial circumstances 6.3/10, similar to the Australian average (6.3).

Concerns and Ideas

The top three issues facing Sunshine Coast were Housing/Price of Housing, Inflation/Cost of Living, and Petrol Prices/Fuel.

About participants

1531 residents participated in the survey.